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Talent Concept

Each job has value and is meaningful

Human resource work closely evolves with development strategy of FAWSN Group, adheres to the principle of human as the essence, pursuing harmony and win-win. Focus of work is unifying management system, improving effectiveness of the system, distinguishing improvement of caliber, and creating talent advantage.


Career Development

FAWSN values career development of employees, and provides dual channels of “H form” career development, which is managerial route and professional route. Employees choose the career development path suitable to themselvesaccording to their own career planning, collectivelydevelopand share fate with the organization, and the two career development channel may transfer in parallel. The company also fully provides career exchangeand development opportunity between headquarters and subsidiary companies, and local and external companies. Career path is versatile, and development space is enormous.


Pay and welfare

FAWSN provides pay and welfare with high competitiveness. It benchmarks international standard salary structure, persists in position value as the guideline, employees’ ability and performance as the anchor point to position employees’ pay level, ensures internal fair and rational of the pay level, and the leading position in external market competition. The company builds short-term, mid-term and long-term omni-directional motivation system, forges individualized motivation system for core talents, and forms the new situation of joint development, responsibility and achievement sharing, and win-win cooperation between the employees and the company.


Training and development

Training improves efficiency of the company through enhancing employees’ work performance, and promotes full development of individual employees and sustainable development of the company. Employees gain improvements in knowledge, skills, effects and attitude via scientific and reasonable training to enhance employees’ adaptability, conditions for further development and bearing greater responsibilities for the employees are created, and thereby individualgrowth needs of the employees are fulfilled, and employees’ value is expanded. FAWSN has been attaching importance to training and development of employees, builds complete training and development system from system level, resource level and operation level. It provides training ranging from induction trainingtoin-position training for the employees; from professional fields in each function to leadership of various levels; and omni-directional training opportunities from organizing in-house training to international and domestic training, exchanges with benchmarking enterprises.